Jinji Lake Primary School

Jinji Lake Primary School

Today, Aleksia, Georgia, Ryan and Lachie headed to Jinji Lake Primary School. When we got there, we were melted by Cherry, Makayla, Fred and Gong. These students were lovely and had great English. They gave us a detailed tour of the school. We went to a class, where we were introduced to the class by the vice principal. Then, the students were involved in a paper cutting activity. Luckily we have already been involved in a paper cutting exercise in Beijing, so now we were all experts! The students and I cut out a cute Koala, and were given it as a present in a frame to bring back home. 

The students then went and had lunch in the canteen, as a normal Chinese student would do. After eating, they went and played with the other students. The students and their Chinese partners played some basketball together, and there was some very red and hot looking faces on the White Hills students by the end of the game!

Then, we went back to our hotel so the students could be picked up by their parents for their home stays. Georgia, Aleksia and Chilli all went off for an overnight stay. Ryan, Lachie and myself were picked up by two Chinese families, Fred and Gong for an afternoon of activities and an evening meal. The boys and I spent the afternoon with the families at the Suzhou Museum, looking around Pingjiang Road (this is where we got to try chicken feet!! It tasted fine, however we all couldn’t quite get past the fact that we were eating a foot) and finished at Suzhou Center for a delicious Chinese dinner. 

It was a fantastic day seeing the differences in a school in China, compared to our own at White Hills! Jinji 

Lake has around 4000 Primary students at the school, and no air conditioning in the classrooms… it was a very hot sweaty day! 

– Miss Van.

Day 5- Ryan

Ryan’s blog day 5
Today we had breakfast we called the school (grade 6’s) and we played with the robot in the lobby of Suzhou it can move around with sensors it’s amazing 😍 then we on the way to water city there was so much landfill it was insane. The cannel is 17000 kilometres long. We drove past the Buddhist temple but only got to see the front gate. Once we got to the water temple we explored around and we went past some markets and to the gonadal and saw some birds that catch fish for people then we went and explored the garden which had heaps of fish in a pond and there were some pictures and old Chinese writing on posters o the wall of the temple in the garden after that we went to the shops and had some lunch. We went shopping in the streets and we all got some pearls from an oyster (actual pearls) and we also had some ice cream and I got some lessons for free on how to play a type of Chinese flute it was fun, miss van filmed a bit of it then we went to a restaurant for dinner I had 8 chillies 🌶! They were cut up. I was crying 😭. During dinner I had a challenge for myself it was to drink my whole drink with chopsticks like the liquid was food 😂 until I had the chillies😂. After dinner we went to the hotel and went to bed.

Suzhou – Chilli

This morning we woke up to another delicious breakfast, we had to eat quickly because we had a talk with all of the grade six students on WeChat. It was really nice to see them because we all miss them very much.

After we finished talking we then went back up to our rooms to pack our back packs. After packing we went Down to the lobby and set of for water town.

Once we were there we checked in we got onto a boat. All of white hills team China sat next to each other. The boat ride was amazing and it was like we were going back in time

Once we got of the boat we went for a walk around water town with our tour guide. While we were taking a walk we also got to cross the lucky bridges of long life, happiness and peace. It is a tradition that when you get married you walk across these three bridges, it means that your marriage will last longer.

As well as when you have a baby people carry there babies over the bridges to give them a longer, peaceful and happy life.

After that we went to see a traditional Chinese home. It was amazing to see what it was like. There was also a giant pond filled to the brim with coy fish, it was  so awesome because there was so many colours and some of the fish were the size of my arm span………….

After we finished looking at the house we had some free time to go shopping We all bought clams to see if we could win the jack pot on pearlslAleksia and I both got 2 clams and we both got 66 pearls all together, (I still can’t believe it) Lachie got 1 clams and he got 27 pearls, Georgia got 1 clam and she got 24 pearls and Ryan got 1clam and he got 25 pearls. Some people even got there pearls made into jewellery.

After we finished shopping we got some juice I got watermelon, Georgia got watermelon and banana, I got watermelon and mango and Ryan and Lachie got soft drink.

After we finished our drinks we went to have dinner for dinner we had fried rice, dumplings, broccoli, soup, tomato and beef stew and ect. The main dish was sweet and sour squirrel fish every body loved it and it tasted really good.

After we finished dinner we went back to our hotel room and got ready for bed.      I was still hyper from all of the sugar.

Ps:I am so exited because I just found out that my family got a puppy. I am soooooooooooooooooooo exited.

Day 5 Shanghai & Suzhou- Lachie

Hi it’s Lachie and today we spent our first day in Shanghai!! It was awesome, we went to the underground market and bought lots of stuff for ourself family and friends. I got myself a new Supreme hat and a new pair of convertible sunnys, which makes me apparently look like Mr Byron. I don’t know how.

We caught the train there with was only 5 stops there and back. We were there for about two hours so enough time to bye lots of presents. We went back to our third hotel which was awesome, the toilet had a remote to warm the toilet seat and turn on the toilet air con. Really nice but really unusual. Yea went of track a little there. Once we got back to the hotel we sat down in the lobby for about halve an hour, because we had handed back our room keys earlier. While we were waiting Aleksia and I play garage band on one iPad and Ryan and Georgia played the other one. After waiting we got told that our group was going to walk down to the mall. It was about a 1 kilometre walk. On the way there we saw a Star Bucks and decided to get a drink. 3 of us got a Strawberry and White Chocolate Frappuccino and two of us got a Vanilla Frappuccino, and it was dear.

Once we got to the mall we had a look around but didn’t bye anything, because it was so dear. Most of us needed to go to the toilet by then so we went into the huge shopping centre, were we saw deep fried chicken, duck, pig and dog. It was a little bit disturbing. We had to head back because our buses were nearly at the hotel to take us to our fourth hotel in Suzhou. On the bus I sat next to Aleksia, Chilli sat next to someone from another school, Ryan sat next to the Chinese teacher and I don’t know who Georgia sat next to.

Once we got to Suzhou we went out for dinner. It wasn’t the type of dinner were you choose what comes out, there was a big lazy Susan in the middle of the table and we had duck, dumplings, fried chicken, broccallie and lots of other delicious foods. Once we got to the hotel we new it was going to be very big and modern since we walked through the front doors. It was huge and there was literally a robot saying hello once you walk through the door.

When I got the room keys I went and got Ryan because we’re sharing a room and we couldn’t wait to get up there to see the room. We finally got up the elevator to level four and saw or room for the first time. The first room that we will be spending more then one night in. The room is huge with there being a full lounge room with a t.v, that only talks Chinese. We are all jealous because all us kids are only on level four and Miss Van is on level twentyAll in all the rooms are very good and all team China kids are missing everyone and Aleksia and I heard a bus horn today and it sounded the exact same as a energy break through car.

Day 2/3- Ryan


Day 2
My first plane ride was a blast I slept more than everybody else in white hills team China. at the air port a USA guy lost his passport and all in all my first plane trip wasn’t that bad. the food in the restaurants are better than Australias Chinese food and there is a lazy Suzan in the middle of the table and there is so much delicious food here and we always go to fancy places to eat even the hotel is fancy. we went to the markets and on a rickshaw which is a red mini taxi that is for two people and the person that is the “driver” rides a bike to pull the cart along and it was fun then we got to make paper things that meant double happiness and window stickers that you put on your window for decoration and we went back to the hotel and had dinner at a restaurant and then we went to the market after dinner not before and today we are going to go to the Great Wall and fly to shanghai.

Day 3

Today we got new flights because yesterday there was a horrible storm in shanghai and the yesterday ones were canceled so we got on a plane and flew over to shanghai . After we got our luggage we went out to the bus which we went straight to our hotel which is in the middle of the city the plane food was not bad for some but there was an Asian kit Kat it was delicioso we also on the way to the hotel we saw a tree which is man made and will always bloom even in winter it had flowers all over it.the hotel was very fancy and after a bit in our hotel we went to get some dinner Georgia had Paris baguette and the rest of us had Burger King it was different because there was black ice cream which was sesame seed flavour then after everybody had their dinner we went to the circus it was amazing they some people were scared for them after we were going back to the hotel but before we got to the hotel we got into a Chinese dance along so we danced to his songs he sang but before the circus we went on the Metro train it was a blast most of us kids can go no handed and then straight home and to bed.

– Ryan.

Team China Update- Georgia

Team China Update- Georgia

The flight to Shanghai last night was cancelled as the weather in Shanghai was rainy and distraught. The rescheduled flight was at 7:30am this morning but that was delayed to 11:00am. 

The airport was buzzing with people trying to get to another destination. As the suitcases rolled beside their owners, we were sitting on the shimmering airport floor waiting. We waited and waited but still our backsides still glued to the sparkling airport floor. 

Once we were on our feet we waited to check in our grand luggage. It was an easy 5 minute wait but in the end we got our bags on the conveyor.

As we hadn’t had any breakfast so we decided to find delicious food to devour. We saw a Starbucks and we went into the bursting store. Aleksia got a vanilla drink, Lachie bought a strawberry drink, Chilli purchased a vanilla drink, Ryan decided to destroy a chocolate muffin and a  vanilla drink and I drank a white chocolate drink. We needed to eat some food. The food at Starbucks was extremely expensive so we went to a French restaurant and we all got some delicious food to devour. Aleksia had a fish burger, Lachie had a hotdog roll, Chilli had a meatball sub and a hotdog pastry, Ryan had a sausage and garlic pastry whilst I had a crossiant. The food was excellent.

The flight was a short trip but it was a restless flight for me personally. It was very uncomfortable and lunch on the plane was abominable. I played In-flight pool with Xander (he was behind me) and I won. I also played Pac-man but unfortunately I was unsuccessful. After giving up on Pac-Man I played a game called Luxor. It was extremely difficult to understand but luckily we touched down on the grey asphalt just as I gave up on Luxor.

At the Shanghai airport, it was easy to get our needed luggage as the airport was small. It was a 10 minute walk to the bus.

The bus took us to our hotel. The Park Hotel to be specific. There was very talented tour guide on the bus. He was so kind, he was an angel. He gave us information about Shanghai and how it was paramount to be careful. On the way to the hotel we saw a beautiful tree man made with substantial flowers.

The hotel was super luxurious, so fancy that there are no words in my vocabulary range to describe it. I am definitely blown away at least all the way to Australia because it is so luxurious and beautiful. The building is old but the decor inside is just extreme.

That night we went to the circus. The acrobats were phenomenal, the strong man was well strong and the motorbikes blew me away like a piece of paper in the wind. The acrobats on push bikes jumped on to each other’s glowing bikes whilst the bike was moving. The. This extremely talented woman did tricks. The acrobats were so flexible that I could fold one into an paper aeroplane. The strong man was throwing and catching a mammoth China pot and I was waiting for him to miss it so the China pot went SMASH! The motor bikes got into a globe and rode around, went upside down and round and round. There were eight bikes in total! It was unbelievable


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