Grandmetro Park Hotel & Dinner Day 5

Following the visit to the silk museum we checked in at the Grandmetro. Wow, it is an amazing hotel and rooms are luxurious! The kids are pretty excited to be in such a nice abode. We headed out for a delicious banquet last night before settling in for an early night.
I took some photos of our banquet and the kids enjoying the multitude of breakfast choices including ice creams, sorry parents it is hot here! I also included a few shots of the hotel, 5 star luxury!!! We may never want to come home!
Today we visit our sister school, Jinjihu PS before visiting Tiger Hill and Shantang Old Street, a very old, traditional area in old Suzhou.
We have Cam, Jayda and Jakob all participating in overnight stays with their Chinese friends tonight, which will no doubt be a highlight for them.














6 thoughts on “Grandmetro Park Hotel & Dinner Day 5

  1. Icecream for breakfast, love it.
    I’m sure you didn’t have to ask twice if they wanted that for breaky
    Have a great day at our sister school and Jakob, Jayda and Cameron enjoy your overnight stay. Look forward to hearing all about it.

  2. Wow! The hotel looks amazing… and who wouldn’t want ice cream for breaky (I would for sure!)
    Enjoy the overnight stays 🙂
    Can’t wait to see more pictures!

  3. Looks pretty flash kids. cam and Jayda we are still waiting for that photo in your complimentary comfy dressing gowns and slippers that you promised us. Love the chandelier in the hotel foyer. I can’t wait for Cameron and Elaine to wechat me tonight. I bet all the homestay familes are excited to get you to there homes and show you around. It will be your favourite thing Cameron and K bet Elaine will want to come back to Australia with you after your sleepover. Miss you Cameron have fun.
    Love mum

    • Ok guys if you haven’t hosted a student before do it this year honestly so blessed that our school gives us this opportunity
      Best thing we have done as now we have an extended family that we love to peices

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