Hi my name is the one and only Aleksia Franklin .

I have an awesome family that I love so much, and that is including my fish and my extraordinary cat named Twinkle.

I am really into sports, as I play in a netball team called the Boomerangs, just to add in I love playing football with my supportive friends along with that I am in the EBT team with Lachie that is also going to China with us.

I love spending time with everyone at school, yet I have been waiting for this day to come for a couple of years now.

I’ve always wanted to be part of Team China because, this is a spectacular opportunity and you have only got two chances and you have to at least try. I am intrigued in this Team China group because you get to challenge your fears, so new things and see the differences in how we live, as well as meeting my Chinese exchange student and to stay with her for two nights.

I am looking forward to everything there is nothing to not look forward to I mean it’s true in my opinion.

I have never been overseas before, but I know that this my chance to get out of Australia and do different things.

I am not nervous because you have to stay strong and look on the bright side as well as stay positive.

There is nothing that I do not want to do because this is a one time chance and you should want to do different things because China is a totally opposite country to ours.