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Saying Goodbye To Jinji Lake!-Jayda

Today all of White Hills went to our sister school, Jinji Lake for the last time this year. We had 2 different classes our first class was calligraphy where we had to use ink and a brush and draw Chinese characters on a piece of paper, we all done awesome but I think by far Mr Schaeche was the best! Then we all went to the library where our bags were to have a 5 minute brake, then we went to another class which was English and of course we were all good at that! We had to talk about different holidays we have in Australia such as Easter and Christmas we then learnt about the different festivals in China and learnt when the Chinese students birthdays were. At the end of the class the students gave us all gifts I received a fan, pop up card, Chinese lollies and lots of different types of dumplings which tasted amazing! After we had lunch the principal, some students of Jinji Lake, our exchange students and all the WHPS kids and Mr Schaeche all went into the meeting room to say our goodbyes and Cody had to get up and say a few words to say thank you for having us over the 2 days. They all gave us many gifts and we gave them ours and said goodbye to everyone then Cameron, Jakob and I all said goodbye to Elaine, Suri and Matthew which we were all sad to say goodbye to them again. Overall staying at Jinji Lake for 2 days was amazing and we hope to see them all again sometime soon!

Shanghai river cruise -Cameron

Late at night all of team china went on the shanghai river cruise around the huang pu river. We took many amazing photos while on the deck and selfies inside. There were multiple lit up massive towers including the pearl tower, aurora and the peace hotel. Among the buildings that we saw one of the best was the shanghai tower which is the second tallest building in the world.

Jinji Lake school

Yesterday morning we woke up and went on the bus to Jinji Lake school . Once we got there we had a tour of the school and had a paper cutting lesson. After the lesson we had a kung fo lesson than we went and got our gifts to hand out. Then we had lunch with the Chinese students and then the home stay students went with the home home stay Chinese students. Than Siobhan and Mr S went back to the hotel.

When Jakob and I went to Matthews house we went to the Trampoline park for 3 hours and I ( Cody ) jared my finger but after that we went to the movies to watch Pirates of the Caribean dead man tell no tails and we liked to the movies because it was in 3D. Than we went back and had pizza for Dinner it was yum. After that we went back to Matthews house and road his 2 segways it’s was really fun. Than I went home back to the hotel and went to bed-Cody






Day 3- Insect Market!!-Cam and Jayda

Today team pearl went to the insect market. There were lots of animals such as puppies, kittens, fishes, crickets and many more. It was so much fun looking at all the different animals that you could buy. The only problem was that it was super noisy, busy and smelt revolting! Overall though it was amazing to see some different types of animals and have conversations with the Chinese people who were selling stuff. Here are some of the pictures we all took.






Day 3 in China!!!

Today we all woke up in the morning and went for a walk in the park. In the park we found a working out area. Than we back for breakfast. For most of the day we went to the market and at the market we went shopping ( of course ) and we also done a lot of bartering. Than we went out for lunch and I ate chicken feet IT WAS GROSS!!!!! Than later to tonight we are going on a night time cruse it will look amazing. Than we all go to bed ready for tomorrow.- Siobhan


Day 2 In China!! -Jayda

Today we woke up and got ready to go to the Pearl Tower. We firstly got on the train and drove to the Pearl Tower, it was humongous! We all got into separate groups and explored the whole tower. One of our favourite parts was the glass floor it was awesome! Some of us watched a 5D movie and Jakob went on the virtual reality roller coaster which he said was really scary! After the Pearl Tower we went to the Yu Yan temple and threw money into the big temple. Then we went out for lunch and had Chinese of course and went to the markets, we all brought fidget spinners but Cameron didn’t buy one and then we all brought gifts for our families. Soon we are all going out for tea but so far it’s been an awesome day!

Only a couple of days till we leave- Cameron

I’m a little anxious to leave Australia but I am mainly excited to do all the sight seeing in China. The most exciting part about going to China is that I get to be with my friends and experiencing the Chinese culture. In China I will get to stay with Elaine ( my Chinese exchange student from last year ) for a night and meet her whole family. We all get to stay in a five star hotel in Suzhou. Throughout the nine days we will have so much fun and we’ll spend two of the day at the Jinji Lake school.

Jakob.L 3 more days till CHINA!!

The most happy part is me sleeping over at Mathew’s house and giving them presents. But the most scary part is the plane ride. I’m excited about going to Shanghai and Suzhou but I am also nervous at the same time. The 5 * (star) hotel better be good.

Siobhan- 3 more days till China!!!!

I cant believe that I am going to China in 3 days!. What I am most excited about is trying all the food and going site seeing, another thing i am also excited about  is going to the ERA circus and going to the school  in Suzhou. I am a bit nervous making sure I don’t miss the train and I cant wait to meet other students from other schools and the Children from Jinji Lake. I’m also excited to stay in a 5 star hotel.

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