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Shanghai river cruise -Cameron

Late at night all of team china went on the shanghai river cruise around the huang pu river. We took many amazing photos while on the deck and selfies inside. There were multiple lit up massive towers including the pearl tower, aurora and the peace hotel. Among the buildings that we saw one of the best was the shanghai tower which is the second tallest building in the world.


Loving the beautiful early mornings here. Mrs Gray and I did some exercises and yoga for EBT training, and after Mitchell, Mrs Gray and I got a coffee from starbucks, Dylan was Devastated. We went to the insect market which it had little puppies and kittens for sale and I got tears in my eyes because it made me sad. We also went to Jing’an Temple where we prayed to the Buddha. And it’s amazing how those men built that Buddha and those buildings in it. When we went to the YuYuan Gardens which IT was so amazing and beautiful. While we were there Dylan was going to buy chopsticks but we had to go so he put them back and the lady followed us out and stayed there for about 10 minutes and it was scary! So the day went on and we went on a river cruise on Hungpu River and we saw the whole of Shanghai and the Pearl Tower was so beautiful and amazing. Then we finished with a beautiful dinner an we walked back to the hotel and went to bed.
Zai Jian

Insect market, Jing an temple, yuan gardens and river cruise

Yesterday we woke up had breakfast, got ready and left for the insect market. We travelled by subway trains and a little walk to get there. When we got there, there was a lot of crickets in little balls creaking away which was very annoying. Once again we travelled by subway trains to get there. Once we got to the Jing’ an temple, it was so beautiful we got try to throw coins in a big construction with water in it. Then we burnt incense and prayed to the Buddha and said our wishes then put them over a fire. We went through the temple it was AMAZING we saw a giant Buddha and prayed again. After that we went to the Yu Yuan gardens there were many shops outside were you could by things. We then went into the gardens and had a look it was so beautiful. Our final activity was a river cruise, the cruise went down a river right near the Pearl Tower. We all had an amazing day and can’t wait util today.

Day Two Temple

Day 2
Today was day two of the over seas learning experience. It was a really busy day getting on one train and getting onto the next. We also went to a variety of different places. First thing in the morning we went and got a hot chocolate but Dylan couldn’t come because he didn’t wake up! Then we had breakfast. It is really different. I had pop corn chicken with some fruit. Then we went for a walk. After that we went on the train to the insect market. It was really disgusting.Then we went to a lovely temple. In the middle of the temple there was a small tower. You throw a coin up there and if your coin stays up there it is good luck. A few of my coins got stuck up there. In the temple we also prayed to the Buddha. We made a wish to the Buddha. After that we went the YuYuan gardens. They were beautiful. There was many animals and dragons inside the gardens. It was great. Now it is getting close until we go to Suzhou, I am very excited.

Day 2

Day 2
My morning started of terrible, I got left sleeping in my room while every one else had Starbucks 🙁 .
After when they came back we all had breakfast. I had popcorn chicken and apple juice.
After breakfast we went to people’s park and saw heaps of people selling stuff.
After that we came back to the hotel for a rest.
Then we went to the insect market, it almost made me cry (not really).
Then we went to the temple and saw the Buddha.
After we had a lunch and I had a pork snitzle.
Then we went to YuYuan gardens.
The day was so fun.

The big red bus!

Today we went on the big red bus and had a top view of the city! 🙂

The view was amazballs and I had the time of my life! Today early in the morning we were meant to go for a walk around 6:45 but instead Hope & I slept in till 7:00 and we thought we would get away with it by quickly getting up and getting ready but they left 20 minutes after, it was really funny so Hope and I are trying to get up early enough tomorrow


Night on a boat

Day 4

In the morning we got up early and had breakfast at the park hotel. I had my normal food. We then skyped the 5/6 grades. It was good to see some familiar faces. I talked about the market shopping and how fun it was. Then we got all our bags and suitcases and went on a bus to Suzhou. Our first thing that we did their was check into our hotel. The hotel wasn’t as good as the one in Shanghai because the beds are really hard and the bathroom looks like one of them ones that are portable. When we went down stairs we had Burger King for lunch. It was terrible! When I got the taste out of my mouth we were leaving for the a Chinese garden. The garden was absolutely amazing! It was full of trees and ponds. They had massive gold fish. The buildings in the garden looked very old an one of the building had a doorway with a step init, so the doorway would be up to your shins. The higher it is the more respect your family has. The emperors nearly goes all the way to the top of the doorway. Once we saw all of the garden we went on the bus to a boat ride along canals. The houses around it were covered in rubbish and they were cramped. Their was someone putting wooden posts in the water and they had to be init. When we got back to the dock we had people buying chopsticks and flutes. Then we got on the bus we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant.we had a lot of different dishes but I really liked the fish. Miss Kirk wouldn’t touch it. Matthew ate the eye of the fish apparently it was good. I also liked the egg and tomato soup. After have a big dinner we went back to the hotel and ha a shower.

I can’t wait to go to the schools tomorrow.





Day 2

Day 2
In the morning Matt and I slept in because we didn’t have an alarm. Once we got organised we went down stairs and had breakfast. I had dough, fruit, sushi, egg and hash browns. It was all very delicious. Some of the sushi was nice but there was a flavour that was was terrible. I challenge myself by eating all of it with chopsticks and I did. After that we got on the busy subway trains we had to make 5 stops just to get to the science and tech museum. I was really surprised with how big the building was. The first exhibition we went to was called animal world. It was by far the best in my opinion. I liked it thy much because the animals were almost life size and they were really realistic. The animals were also placed in good spots like there was a leopard jumping on other animals an folding piping out of the water. We also went to the spider, human body, robots and other exhibitions. Below the museum there was a massive market. We had lunch at a place called Daisy’s. They were very slow with getting our food so we only had 1 and a half hours of shopping left. I bought a Chinese silk shirt that is maroon and gold dragons. Matt got the same one but black and gold. We didn’t get a great deal but we like them. We payed 105¥ for them. After looking around for 1 hour we started to head towards the train. Getting on the train was a lot harder then in the morning. It was packed to the max. We walked back to our hotel and had a rest. We are having a early dinner because Tonight we are going on a boat along the main river that runs through Shanghai.