Welcome toΒ Dakota’s blog page! You can leave me a message on this page while I am gallivanting around China.

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  1. Hi Dakota, I’m sure you will have an amazing time. When Matt went we downloaded an app to our phone so we could track the plane all the way to China. We went outside and actually heard the plane as it flew over Bendigo. Love from the Taylor’s

  2. I know it is to excited just watching the days go past! I can’t wait to head to China, but if wasn’t for you then I wouldn’t of raised enough with out you guys.

    Thanks heaps…..

    xxxooo Dakota

  3. Well gorgeous Girl your trip is well underway & Im sure your excitment has really kicked in!! Enjoy this amazing experience and remember loads of happy snaps plss! Loves ya xx

  4. Woke up nice ad early today 5:20am. Thanks everyone for your support to send me over to china for an awesome time with hope and Jemma including our sister school!

  5. Hi Dakota,
    I was bummed I missed your skype, as I was at work.
    But super glad Dad and the kids got to speak to you, as you could of seen from the skype that Blake & Piper are super excited for you but missing you loads! (piper asks every couple of hours when you will be home!)
    So happy seeing you having the time of your life, and sharing that experience with your gorgeous friends.
    Look forward to reading what you got up to today!
    Take care LOVE Mum xox

  6. Hello dakota you look like your having the time of your life. Enjoy the rest of your time in china and i hope you get lots of great bargains when you go shopping next.

  7. Hi guys, we are about to head down to Suzhou on a bus.. I hope you get to go to school tomorrow and see our Skype session in the hall, we don’t know what time but it would hopefully it would be in the morning! πŸ™‚

  8. Hey Gorgeous Girl….looks and sounds like you are having a Fab Time!! Mum posted some Photos on FB and it was great to see all the smiles within the group. Hope your taking loads of happy snaps! Cant wait to hear all about your travels xxx

  9. We arrived safely at the Days hotel and we are in number 626, I am just about to head to lunch on level 2 and then we will find out soon what we will be doing. πŸ™‚

  10. hi haw are you are you having fun, have you made friends if you have hope you in joy them and we hope you in joyed Mrs P all the time with her.
    from Analysse

  11. Hi Kota, we have looked at your pics and I think it’s fair to say you’re having an amazing time. When you touch the ground I have booked you in for dinner (spag Bol) the purpose of this will be to teach you social etiquette on how not to inhale your pasta πŸ™‚ enjoy every moment of every day. Love you lots… Aunty Jodie, uncle James and Aria Xoxox

  12. Morning Kota.
    Looks and sounds like you are having a fabulous time!
    So jealous, your doing great things!!!
    It is extremely COLD here in Bendigo.. So cold Josh is wearing a Jumper!! πŸ˜‰ I know right! he never wears a Jumper to school… Josh is also coping feeding the Rabbits for you! lol he needs more nudging of a morning to get it all done.
    Nothing really else to report back from here.. Only that we are all cold πŸ˜‰
    Enjoy your day,hopefully you get to skype tonight!
    Love you loads! love Mum xox

  13. Morning Kota,
    WOW, you guys have been up to heaps!
    How clever are you, leading your groupto the Markets by using the train system in China!
    Thats awesome Dakota!!
    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and hearing all about China.
    Im sure I wouldnt have to tell you to burn a hole in your pocket with the spending money! (you are your Mothers Daughter) SO SPEND ALL YOUR MONEY BUY YOURSELF LOTS OF GREAT THINGS!!!
    Hopefully you get some sleep on the Flight home!
    Enjoy your last day in China.
    Its cold in Melbourne and Bendigo, so put ya Jacket in your carry on backpack!
    Loves ya loads see you in the Morning xoxox Mum

  14. Wow Kota!
    What a fantastic time you are having; with your peers and as a visitor to this wondrous, rich in culture country – an experience to revel and delight in. Looking forward to seeing you though. The kids are missing you so much; especially Piper.

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