My name is Georgia and I am a part of Team China. I am in grade 5 and I am the youngest traveller in White Hills Team China as I am only the age of 10. I play soccer for Golden City and I play the piano. I love my mum and dad heaps and I would like to thank them for paying so I can go to China. I have 6 pets including 1 fish named Marvin, 3 cats Milo, Bob and Poppy and I also have 2 dogs Buster and Graeme.


Why did you want to be a part of Team China?

I considered to go to China with the school because I have wanted to go ever since the group from 2014 described the trip. I am so delighted that my application got chosen so I could go to China.

What are you most looking forward to in China?

I am looking forward to being able to discover the wonders of the Chinese mythology.

Have you been overseas before?

Yes. I have been to England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Fiji and New Zealand.

Are you nervous?

Yes of course! I am going to China for 10 days without my family!

What are you willing to try in China?

I am really looking forward to trying all the Chinese foods that you can’t get in Australia.


Thankyou for reading this! 🙂