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  1. Enjoy your trip to China Hope. You are a very lucky girl to be going twice! Make sure you buy a handbag to keep the tradition going 😉
    Miss Kirk

  2. Hi Hope make sure you buy me something in China because I deserve it and don’t loose Mrs Price when you are at the markets.

    Love from your Beautiful Mum, Mary xoxo

  3. Wow is it really only 24 days until Jemma, Dakota and myself go to China? Where has the time gone I think I need to pinch myself. Am I really going to China for the second time? Well I never thought I would ever say that.

  4. Hi Hope, How lucky are you to be going to China again! I think it must be Mum and Dad’s turn next, Have a great trip, Love from the Taylors xx

  5. Hi this is Tom from WHPS i hope you all have a great time over in China And tell Mrs Price to have fun bye.

  6. How did this happen, yesterday I was in my bedroom and now I am in a five star hotel watching tiny cranes try to pick up air conditioners and put them into small trucks.

    Love you all xoxo

  7. Were you one of the ones who was unwell Hope? We watched your plane on the flight tracker, I was pretty happy to see your plane land safe and sound in Shanghai. How is Jemma and Dakota going.
    Enjoy your first day of exploring.

  8. Good morning, Hope and co, it was good to catch up last night on Skype. I am sure you will enjoy today more shopping to be done and I am really jealous because tonight you are going to the Eira Circus, that will be awesome.
    Look forward to hearing how your day goes today.
    Love you x

  9. Mum I am sure you are happy about knowing that I have brought your presents already and can I just say that I didn’t realise I was that good of a bargainer.

    Love Hope xoxo

  10. Hi Hope,
    Im hoping you share your fabulous bargaining tips with Dakota!! 😉 😉 (hint hint im sure I would love a good gift) hehe….
    You girls look like you are having a blast.
    Have another great day with loads of BARGAINS.

    Hayley x

  11. Hello Hope,
    Jemma told me last night how good you’re at getting a bargain. Nice work!
    Have a great time in china.

  12. Hi Hope sounds like pricey is have a few toilet and train issues, just as well she has you girls to keep her on the straight and narrow.
    I bet the circus last night was fantastic, can’t wait to hear all about it.
    Try not to lose pricey in the river today, have a great day.
    Love x Mum

  13. Good morning Hope, looks like a lovely evening for the river cruise. You might have to buy another case to bring home all of your shopping.
    Enjoy your day.
    x Mum

  14. Morning Hope looks like a fun day with a visit to M&M world. Loving all the great photo’s of your adventures. Look forward to hearing about your time in Suzhou and visit to the school.
    Have a great day.
    Love Mum, Dad,Cody, Karly, Rhys and all the puppies. ( woof woof from Pippa & Poppy) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Greetings Hope from nice cold Bendigo. We can see the weather is warmer where you are! Have fun, take it all in – I’m sure you will cherish the experience for a very long time. Aleksia & Axel say: “Hi, have fun!” too.

  16. Morning Hope how would you like to have a big school lunch like they do in China every day.?
    Looks like another fun day and I am glad you got to catch up with your friends who came to White Hills last year.
    Not much happening here apart from very cold, Pippa and Poppy keep taking all the blanket, they snuggle right under.
    Have a lovely day. Love x Mum and the cold puppies.

  17. Hi Hope it was great to hear about your explorations of China, I am tired just hear about everything you are doing. The photos are great and I love reading your writeups on the blog.
    Have a great day today. x Mum

  18. Hey hope you are having a whopping time in china and continue to aswell.

    Ps Tell Mrs Price I said Hi and also tell her I wish I could be there to correct her

  19. omg I cant believe you get to go to china is there any chance that you can tell me how you get chosen to I think I might be able to I am a really good student and trusted by teachers I also do mandarin so could you spread any light on it.

  20. Morning Hope, it’s very cold and wet in Bendigo so it’s going to be a bit of a different climate shock for you travellers.
    I even had to buy Jack and Paris a doggy jacket each because they were shivering.
    Enjoy your last day in China and don’t forget to buy yourself heaps of presses.
    x Mum, Dad, Cody, Karly & puppies (woof woof).

  21. Hi Hope,
    Hope you re having a great time in China and that when you get back to school remember to have warm cloths on it is freezing!!
    Enjoy your last day in China!!

  22. hi hope
    i hope you enjoy your time in china
    keep posting those pictures we enjoy
    looking at them keep having fun
    from Montanna

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