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  1. Jemma you will love China. What a fantastic opportunity for you. You will make memories you’ll remember for ever.
    Miss Kirk

  2. Hi Jemma, I’m Matt’s mum, Rosie. Matthew went on the last trip to China. I’m sure it will be a wonderful experience you will never. Safe travels.

  3. two more sleeps to go jem and you will be on your way to china , enjoy the trip and make shore that you try some new foods like chicken feet xox dad

  4. Hi Jemma, did you enjoy the flight over, I stayed up watching flight checker till you landed, have fun
    Love Nanna xxx

  5. Hi Jemma
    how was your first day in china , we sat up watching your flight on flightradar last night , their was lots of air traffic over china , bells says hi

  6. Hey Jem,
    Looks like lots of fun and gotta luv those hot chips for brekky.
    Enjoy yourself and have lots of fun!!!
    Joal Vicky Dean Georgia. Xx

  7. Thank you everyone for all of the well wishes. Thank you for supporting me to come to China. It is amazing here and I love all of the tourist attractions and I also love the Trains. It is great here and I can’t wait to experience more of China. China is very warm but the weather is very nice at night.

    From Jemma!

  8. Hi Jemma,

    Certainly looks like you girls are having a fabulous time with all those gorgeous photo’s of you all…
    Did have a chuckle that you and Pricey got out this morning for some early bargains and Dakota & Hope slept in after bragging they were all over the early starts and being organised! haha Have fun sweets.

    Hayley x

  9. Hello jemmy, hope you have had another fun and exciting day and bought something this morning. Looking forward to hearing more and seeing more photos on the blog.
    Love Mum xxxxxoooo

  10. Hi Jemmzilla
    It’s Bryn
    Well it seems like you have been having a wonderful time over there but I am sure it is a great experience that you are having. What’s the weirdest thing you have eaten?
    From Bryn 🙂

  11. Hi everyone it’s Jemma,

    I haven’t really tried anything too weird so far but something new that I have tried is Burger King. The shopping was great today and I bought a few things. We are off to Suzhou tomorrow to see our Sister School. Our Sister School is Jinji Lake. It is great here and I can’t wait to experience more of the Chinese Culture.

    From Jemma

  12. hi it is me haw are you I am good. have you made eyne friends and is mrs P being a good and is she ok and 5P will be sad amd you do not wont that.
    have fun and be safe
    from Analysse

  13. Hello Everyone,
    The new hotel is really nice and it is very nice in Suzhou. Today I tried some chicken feet and I was surprised that it tasted just like the chicken we eat in Australia but I didn’t finish it because the texture was a little bit different compared to the main parts of a chicken. I really like the hotel and I am excited to see our Sister School again!
    From Jemma!

  14. Hope you have an excellent time. I hope you don’t throw up the chinese food! If your about to do it on Mrs Price I think she’s used to it from the past! Takara!

  15. Hello Jemma,
    Its very very cold here I bought a winter hat and scarf yesterday to keep warm. Looks like you have had a great time going to school in china and got to do lots of great activities. We really enjoy reading the blog and seeing all the cool photos. It looks like you made some cute little friends at school. Hopefully we get to talk to you tonight.
    love you Mum xx

  16. Jemma,

    Sounds like you are having an amazing experience! I’m so glad you tried the chicken feet, you tough little cookie….reminds me of the time I tried snails! Lol
    Glad you love the shopping, right up my alley as is a good Burger King cheese burger. Have fun gorgeous
    Vicky xx

  17. Hi,
    What a great time you are having in China, love all the posts & photo’s & the market shopping must be a real buzz, your not going to want to come home to our very cold weather we have this last week
    Love Nanna xxx

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