Day 5

We went to our favourite spot in People’s Square Park again and his morning to mix with the locals are partake in some exercise before another buffet breakfast, it’s hard to front up but someone has to do it!!
The man massaging mrs Walkden from Maiden Gully is 85 years old. I had a massage the other day too and he is very strong!
I included some photos of the Park Hotel lobby, it is very beautiful. I was one of the tallest buildings in China in the 1930s hard to believe when you see how small it looks now.
We went for a short walk and discovered a local shop the kids liked called Mini So. I have bought Mr Ross a present and attached a photo. This is for his desk.
We are off to Suzhou where we head to old Shantang town, which is a very old part of original Suzhou. More updates soon.











Day 4

Today was a little bit more relaxed as everyone is tired. We went back over to the park where some joined tai Chi and we also saw some sword dancers. We went back to the outdoor gym and joined the locals again for a work out.
After another yummy breakfast we headed to the Urban Exhibition Centre where we saw a scale model of Shanghai and found that the population of Shanghai is just over 24 million.
After this we headed back to the fake markets again to haggle for some more ‘bargains’. Cody bought a skateboard we hope fits in his bag while a few of the girls in our group have purchased apple watches. I hope they work in Aus!
We had a yummy lunch in a restaurant in the market and then caught the tourist bus for a look at central Shanghai. This gave the kids a chance to sit and relax for 1 1/2 hours and take in the sights. We got off at the Bund, which is the viewing area along the river where the kids became the attraction not the views of the city!
We then walked up East Nanjing Road to look at the famous Peace Hotel and then to a new Department store and rode the glass elevator.
We found a traditional Chinese restaurant where the kids tried so local delicacies such and salt and pepper bullfrog! The plate was empty so they must have enjoyed it.
We are off to Suzhou tomorrow where we will have a days sightseeing before visiting our sister schools on Tuesday.














Day 3- Insect Market!!-Cam and Jayda

Today team pearl went to the insect market. There were lots of animals such as puppies, kittens, fishes, crickets and many more. It was so much fun looking at all the different animals that you could buy. The only problem was that it was super noisy, busy and smelt revolting! Overall though it was amazing to see some different types of animals and have conversations with the Chinese people who were selling stuff. Here are some of the pictures we all took.






Day 3 in China!!!

Today we all woke up in the morning and went for a walk in the park. In the park we found a working out area. Than we back for breakfast. For most of the day we went to the market and at the market we went shopping ( of course ) and we also done a lot of bartering. Than we went out for lunch and I ate chicken feet IT WAS GROSS!!!!! Than later to tonight we are going on a night time cruse it will look amazing. Than we all go to bed ready for tomorrow.- Siobhan


Day 3- Morning shopping at the fake markets

This morning before breakfast we headed over to People’s Square Park to watch the Locals exercise. It was a lot of fun and the locals were so kind and friendly. The man doing my back massage was so strong and flexible, he is 85 years old!
We lifted weights, did chin ups and much more. Very different exercise equipment.
The kids were also fascinated by all the umbrellas and signs but none of them could work out what they were doing. Most of the people were older and they were essentially advertising their child/grandchild, like a matching agency.
We then hit the fake markets and the chance to spend was too much for despite telling them we would be back again, to walk away and to not offer too much!
Everyone still thinks they got great prices though!







Day 2

After a tasty breakfast with options such as sushi, greens, eggs, bacon, noodles, rice, dumplings and bean curd steamed buns to name a few we were satisfied and full in no time. We then headed down to the underground train station to catch our first train to the Pearl Tower. The children did a terrific job reading the timetable and finding the platforms to catch the trains from. When we got to the Pearl Tower we headed up to the viewing platform at 290 metres and saw the Hungpu River and all the boats transporting road stone and plenty of buildings as far as the eye can see. We were lucky that the day was quite clear- for Shanghai anyway.
Very hot here, 34 degrees and quite humid, kids have acclimatised really well.
We then went down to the observation deck with the glass bottom. Most of the children were game enough to lie down and walk around on this.
We visited the museum at Pearl Tower which has an extensive history of Shanghai.
We then visited Jiang Temple and tossed coins in the copper monument for luck. Jakob liked doing this very much!
We then were back on the MET to get to the YuYan Gardens and Tea House markets. The children had a lot of fun trying to negotiate a price for a variety of things they purchased including finger spinners, sorry parents! We did visit the famous tea rooms where we sampled 10 different teas. This is a very famous and old building in Shanghai.
We had a yummy dinner, Jayda loved the pork belly while Cameron negotiated the chop sticks with some difficulty at lunch eating shrimp dumplings. Her and I then had a cheery ice cream, yum!
It has been a great day but all tired. 30,000 steps looking forward to bed!






Day 2 In China!! -Jayda

Today we woke up and got ready to go to the Pearl Tower. We firstly got on the train and drove to the Pearl Tower, it was humongous! We all got into separate groups and explored the whole tower. One of our favourite parts was the glass floor it was awesome! Some of us watched a 5D movie and Jakob went on the virtual reality roller coaster which he said was really scary! After the Pearl Tower we went to the Yu Yan temple and threw money into the big temple. Then we went out for lunch and had Chinese of course and went to the markets, we all brought fidget spinners but Cameron didn’t buy one and then we all brought gifts for our families. Soon we are all going out for tea but so far it’s been an awesome day!