Day 3 photos

Waiting at the airport for our flight into Shanghai. Lucky there was a huge screen with a game on it to keep everyone entertained!


Our first train experience was a success!



Aleksia tried some black, sesame flavored ice cream from Burger King! She didn’t mind it either!



The Era circus was amazing, a highlight of the day!


On the way back to the hotel, we were pulled in to dance with the locals at Peoples Square for a song and a dance! The locals loved us!

Day 2 photos

The Chinese love taking photos with the Aussie students!

They loved Lachie and his blue eyes and blonde hair.

Lining up ready to get our cable car tickets to take us up to the Great Wall of China!

The Great Wall of China, what an amazing experience it was to walk across a section of it!

Our sleds to get us to the bottom of the hill. 

Lachie testing out the Peking duck head and brain!

Day 2- Lachie

Hi, it’s Lachie this time, today we went to the Great Wall, because it’s the middle of summer over here it is extremely hot. It was easy over 35 degrees today, so it made the walk very hard. We took the chair lift up the mountain to the top and that’s were we started our walk. Because we didn’t have much time we didn’t get to walk to far, but it was still a very hard walk. Most of it was up hill.
Instead of taking the chair lift down we took the tabogans witch could go very fast if no one was in front of you. We had peeking duck for lunch, Aleksia and I got a duck head. Our flight too Shanghai was canceled due to bad weather there so we are still in Beijing in the hotel Air China told us to go too. Hopefully we can get on a plane tomorrow if not we have to take a train which will take 5 and a half hours.
This is for you Mr Byron, Aleksia and I are both missing EBT.
And school. (BTW we miss your Good Moring Ava, we need you🇨🇳

– Lachie

Day 2- Chilli

Last night we went to the silk street market. Ryan got a toy xylophone (for his baby brother) for $20, Aleksia got a pair of sunglasses and Miss Van got 2 north face jackets for $60.

This morning we woke up to a delicious breakfast of Western and Chinese food. It was so good and we where all hungry.🍽

After we ate breakfast we packed our stuff and took a bus over to the Great Wall. On the way our tour guide started a talent show, it was very funny and we all enjoyed it. Georgia and Aleksia sang the weeks on the bus, let it go and Australia’s national anthem.

We had to go on a chair lift to get up to the Great Wall it was really fun (as long as you don’t think about falling). After we got up to the it was matter of walking, the view was amazing it felt like we could see the whole of China. After we went for a walk on the Great Wall we then bobsledded down the hill (it was a lot of fun).  

After we got down, we went to a market. It was very fun bargaining, even though a few of us got ripped of most of as got a bargain.most of us got hats, fans, umbrellas, stuffed toys, magnets,sunglasses and ect.

After we finished bargaining we then went to have lunch. For lunch we had peaking duck which is a Chinese delicacy. 

We then went to the airport (so that we could travel to Shanghai) only to realise that our flights have been canceled because of bad weather. We are going to Shanghai tomorrow.⛈

After that we found a new hotel close to the airport we then waited a couple of hours for them to get the rooms ready. We then had a shower and got settled into our rooms before eating dinner. After eating dinner we went to sleep. We are waking up really early in the morning.

– Chilli

Day 1- Beijing

Day 1- Beijing. 

Well what a busy day it has been! To start with, the flight went well, however most of our crew didn’t manage to get enough sleep (except Ryan, who was fast asleep within the first half an hour or so! I was very jealous..) we landed in Beijing at around 5.50am. After we had collected our bags, we headed off to our hotel. Unfortunately, our bags couldn’t all fit on the bottom of the bus, so a few of our cases had to be delivered later on. Which was rather unfortunate for those in pants like Georgia, who couldn’t change into shorts as she only had some in her case! 

At the hotel, we all had a quick brekky. The kids thought the buffet style breakfast was the best thing since sliced bread! (Was a step up from the airplane tucker they had been having) Talk about a selection! The teachers weren’t over the moon with the coffee however, especially after the sleepless flight. 

We then set off on our first adventure, to the Forbidden City. Here we learnt all about the ancient traditions that occurred within the city, while we walked around and saw the beautiful buildings. Our group leader, Selena also taught us a few quick Tai Chi moves to practice, such as the ‘watermelon’. 

After the Forbidden City, we went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. Here, a range of different meals were bought to the table and were placed on a huge lazy Susan! The food was delicious, and the kids tried most of the food without even knowing what it was going to be! Most of us didn’t like the hard toffee covered potato wedges… was an odd selection for lunch! 

After lunch, we had a bike tour around old Beijing roads, interacting with some locals. We also had a lesson at a locals house on how to make traditional Chinese craft! Talk about fiddly work! 

On our way back to our hotel, we were stuck in a traffic jam about 10 minute walk from our hotel. The students saw how busy the streets of Beijing can get! People all around us were getting out of their cars to take photos of the traffic jam, it was unreal. So many cars, stopped for 10-20 minutes at a time. We all couldn’t believe the crazy drivers on the roads, with little to no regular road rules being on. We heard our bus driver toot his horn quite a few times today… 

Next, we ventured out to another restaurant for a Chinese meal, quite similar to the one we had for lunch. Once again, there were happy faces and full bellies at the dinner table! 

To end the evening, we went to the Silk Market for a quick little shop. I was able to show the kids how to barter successfully, as I managed to grab myself some very cheap North Face jackets! 

It is safe to say, there were some very tired kiddies today. However they all had a fantastic experience for their first day in China.  

From Miss Van.



Departure day! Aleksia & Chilli


aThe whole team is mind blown from what we have already experienced. I would like to inform you all on what has happened so far ( BTW I am currently writing this on the plane) we had a 2 hour & 40 minute bus drive just to let everybody know the bus was very different from the normal buses we usually take. It was very modern and new I thought it was a awesome trip but the only thing that was weird was that the trip went really quick. After getting off from the bus our team was already tired but we survived somehow. We got our tickets after our bags were checked which took forever, but we made it past them at some we went past some shops like GUCCI, MAC, Dior and other unknown shops. We spent some of our money on some water I bought Hubba Bubba for the plane to chew on, but we later had some dinner at hungry Jacks which was where most people spent there $20 on. Chilli and I noticed that they were running low on quite a lot of stuff which some of us didn’t get want we wanted but that was fine. Chilli and I got mini Royale chicken burgers they were tiny as, where Ryan and Lachie got a whooper which looked really good. (Few minutes of eating later) Chilli and I went to go get a hot chocolate at Hudsons the hot chocolates were divine! After we had finished the hot chocolates we then got some final supplies for the plane. We finished our shopping just in time to board the plane and before we knew it we where up in air. It was so exiting when the plane flew up into the air it was like magic. After we watching a few movies we had dinner our options where fish and rice, fish and potato, beef and rice and beef or beef potato and beef. Some preferred dinner more than others but the one thing that we could all agree on is that we where all starting to get tired. (Well Ryan was anyway).

Aleksia & Chilli

Wednesday, 23rd May- departure day!

Georgia- Team China Update

Wow. Who knew that the bus trip would be so exciting? It blew my mind how quick the time flew by like super man between the depressing moment bidding goodbye to my wonderful parents to the exhilarating moment when I take my seat and get cozy. On the bus trip I sat next to my roomie, Ava and we listened to music. At the airport I ate a ham and cheese sandwich and a raspberry ice tea. The food at the airport was super expensive $5.50 for the ice tea and a surprising $10.90 for that delicious ham and  cheese sandwich. Before I got the sandwich I went to a cafe to find something to devour but a sandwich cost a whopping $17.80! It was outrageous. When the moment that I personally desire the desire the most came knocking at my door I was so excited that I had transformed from a year 5 to a jumping jelly bean. It was mind blowing that I was finally going on a plane without my treasured parents by my side. When we got to a splendid altitude of 36000 I noticed after only 2 back breaking hours on the plane we weren’t even at Alice Springs! It was a long journey ahead of me, arriving at China at 5.30am then having breakfast and afterwards a substantial day going to a heap of exciting activity’s in Beijing! I am going to be bushwhacked tomorrow night! Attachment.png

And we are off!

Here we go! The day is finally here! Lots of excited students and parents met at Tom Flood, ready for the group to depart. We are on the bus now, next stop, Melbourne airport! 🇦🇺✈️🇨🇳

Bendigo Advertiser Team China Article

The Team China students were lucky enough to have the Bendigo Advertiser write an article of their fantastic experience.
Read the article below, or follow the link to read the full article: article

50 primary school students from Bendigo bound for China in May 2018

EXCITED: Fifty grade5 and 6 students from a variety of Bendigo primary schools will embark on a trip to China in little under two weeks. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

EXCITED: Fifty grade5 and 6 students from a variety of Bendigo primary schools will embark on a trip to China in little under two weeks. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

IN little under two weeks, 50 primary school students from Bendigo will be exploring China.

Team China consists of staff and students from 14 schools, who will spend about 10 nights abroad.

The cities of Suzhou, Shanghai and, for the first time, the Chinese capital of Beijing feature in their itinerary.

Bendigo students have been travelling to China since 2014, with the departure on May 23 marking the fifth trip.

At a pre-departure day this week, the travellers counted the Great Wall of China and the Shanghai’s Pearl Tower among the sights they were most excited to see.

One week till we leave! – Ryan Hobden

One more week till we leave!

Just one more week until we are going on a plane to China we all can’t wait until we go!

How I am feeling about this!

I am feeling mixed feelings I am feeling excited, nervous and anxious.

Want I want to buy!

I want to buy some shoes and some other things for my family.

Most excited for!

I am most excited to be the first group to go on the great wall of China and to see how different their culture is to Australia’s culture and to try all of the foods you can’t get in Australia and foods that I haven’t tried yet.

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