Night on a boat

Day 4

In the morning we got up early and had breakfast at the park hotel. I had my normal food. We then skyped the 5/6 grades. It was good to see some familiar faces. I talked about the market shopping and how fun it was. Then we got all our bags and suitcases and went on a bus to Suzhou. Our first thing that we did their was check into our hotel. The hotel wasn’t as good as the one in Shanghai because the beds are really hard and the bathroom looks like one of them ones that are portable. When we went down stairs we had Burger King for lunch. It was terrible! When I got the taste out of my mouth we were leaving for the a Chinese garden. The garden was absolutely amazing! It was full of trees and ponds. They had massive gold fish. The buildings in the garden looked very old an one of the building had a doorway with a step init, so the doorway would be up to your shins. The higher it is the more respect your family has. The emperors nearly goes all the way to the top of the doorway. Once we saw all of the garden we went on the bus to a boat ride along canals. The houses around it were covered in rubbish and they were cramped. Their was someone putting wooden posts in the water and they had to be init. When we got back to the dock we had people buying chopsticks and flutes. Then we got on the bus we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant.we had a lot of different dishes but I really liked the fish. Miss Kirk wouldn’t touch it. Matthew ate the eye of the fish apparently it was good. I also liked the egg and tomato soup. After have a big dinner we went back to the hotel and ha a shower.

I can’t wait to go to the schools tomorrow.





Day 2

Day 2
At the start of the day Lewis and I slept in and no matter how hard the teachers knocked we would not get up. Eventually Miss Kirk got one of our key cards and came in and shook us until we finally woke. Then we went and had breakfast. The breakfast was the same except we tried different foods. I had deep fried dough, dumplings, baked beans, a biscuit, two hash browns and some bacon. After breakfast we had 15 minutes to get ready. We took a five stop train to get to the science and technology museum. When we got there I was surprised at how big it was. The first thing we looked at was the world of animals there were elephants, giraffes, rhinos, bats, lions, cheaters, spiders (all of which were stuffed) and lots more. I didn’t like the spiders because I am an arachnophobic. Next we went to the robots. There were ones who could build cars, ones that did archery, one that could play the piano (which was under maintenance). My favourite were two of them which could solve rubix cubes. After that we had a sit down because our legs were really tired. We also went to other exhibitions like the human body and space. At 12:00 we went to have lunch at daisies. The food was good but took for ever to come. After lunch it was time to go for some more bargaining. I scored a black and yellow silk top, a bag tag and also tried for ever to get a back pack because my other one has got a hole in it, but I had no luck. At 3:00 it was time to head back. We caught the same train back only this time it was packed. We were lucky to get up near the door so we could all get out. Tonight we had an early dinner at Pizza Hut because we were going on a boat on the Hung Pu River. It was really cool and you could see lots of beautiful buildings like the pearl tower. There were lots of Chinese people wanting photos of us. After the boat trip we got on the bus and listened to a boy on the trip called Jackson. He was singing all kinds of stuff and he was hilarious. When we got back to the hotel we had our showers and went to bed.



Day 2

Day 2
In the morning Matt and I slept in because we didn’t have an alarm. Once we got organised we went down stairs and had breakfast. I had dough, fruit, sushi, egg and hash browns. It was all very delicious. Some of the sushi was nice but there was a flavour that was was terrible. I challenge myself by eating all of it with chopsticks and I did. After that we got on the busy subway trains we had to make 5 stops just to get to the science and tech museum. I was really surprised with how big the building was. The first exhibition we went to was called animal world. It was by far the best in my opinion. I liked it thy much because the animals were almost life size and they were really realistic. The animals were also placed in good spots like there was a leopard jumping on other animals an folding piping out of the water. We also went to the spider, human body, robots and other exhibitions. Below the museum there was a massive market. We had lunch at a place called Daisy’s. They were very slow with getting our food so we only had 1 and a half hours of shopping left. I bought a Chinese silk shirt that is maroon and gold dragons. Matt got the same one but black and gold. We didn’t get a great deal but we like them. We payed 105¥ for them. After looking around for 1 hour we started to head towards the train. Getting on the train was a lot harder then in the morning. It was packed to the max. We walked back to our hotel and had a rest. We are having a early dinner because Tonight we are going on a boat along the main river that runs through Shanghai.


Day 2! Shanghai life.

Good afternoon bloggers. We have had another success day in Shanghai! After breakfast we took the train to the Science and Technology Museum. It was a quiet morning on the train (only 3 bodies pressed up against mine compared to 7). The museum building was enormous and very modern looking! First of all, we went through Animal World which was entertaining, especially because the kids were scared in the spider section. Robot world was a hit among the group. We watched as a robot completed a rubix cube. I’m looking forward to the stage when robots can be purchased as house maids. After the museum we went to Shanghai’s largest market. I thought I got a pretty good deal on a Jimmy Choo handbag until I realised the sneaky woman didn’t give me my change. Cut a long story short I put my teacher voice on, went back in and got my change. After feeling satisfied about it all I ran into Juncai and Celia and so it happens, even with my change, I was once again ripped off! Quite the joke going around until we ran into Mrs Vernon who paid 4 times the amount for a smaller bag! Haha. The kids had an absolute ball and are quite the little hacklers! Every time I turn around someone is taking photos of us, but for some reason they all want to pose next to Bailey. At lunch the best thing happened. A Chinese man came up behind Bailey and tickled his ear and called him pretty boy and kept tickling the back of his neck. Bailey looked at me for assistance but I was in no state to give him any. It was too funny. The other 4 kids and I were crying with laughter as he sat there wide eyed with a Chinese man tickling his ears! The train ride home was another experience in itself. I am getting pretty professional at pushing the kids off the train and having eyes with a 360 view. In all seriousness, our kids have to be congratulated on their exemplary behaviour. I couldn’t imagine a better group to be with in Shanghai. We are about to have an early tea and head off on a ferry cruise up the Hungpu River. Life’s hard!


It was amazing! We travelled to the pearl tower on the bullet trains. Once we arrived everybody’s mouths were open and especially mine because it is way better in person then on a picture. It was so awesome because we went on a elevator to go to the glass floor. Ms Kirk was so scared and she barely went on to it. I laid down on top of it and my opinion is if you could choose to go to their I would say definitely because the view is fantastic. When we were all enjoying the view we saw a man cleaning the window outside and he is probably famous by now. The bullet trains were fun because it was EXTREMELY FAST! Once we were all settled and ready for lunch we went to a restaurant and we had dumplings and It was my first try of having them, they were DELICIOUS! When we were finished we all went market shopping and did some bargaining. I have heaps of presents. We needed a little bit of a rest so we went back to the hotel and sat down for a while because their was more stuff to come. When we were ready,we went out for tea. We went to an amazing restaurant. We had rice, vegetables,beef and some chicken with rice on it. It tasted MAGNIFICENT! When we were ready to leave we went and walked down the streets and I thought I was in New York because they are full of lights and signs. Once we did a loop of the street we started walking back to the hotel.

Day 1-2

At 5:30 Miss Kirk, Lewis, Bailey, Fabian, Hope and I, travelled on a bus to Melbourne leaving from the QEO. When we got to the airport we had to go through customs before getting some McDonalds for breakfast. When we took of at 11:00 we were all SUPER exited. The food was delicious and the entertainment systems were great. When we landed we collected our bags and hopped on the bus. We had a tour guide named Mike who loved to sing in both Chinese and English at random times. When we got to the Shanghai Park hotel we were all tired and went straight to bed.
The next day we went down to level 2 and had breakfast. It was REALLY yummy. There was rice, fruit, sushi, muffins, hash browns, dumplings and lots more. After breakfast we got ready and left to go to the Pearl Tower. The Pearl Tower was awesome and there was a glass floor that we laid down on (except Miss Kirk). After the Tower we went and Dumplings for lunch. Then we went on 2 Metro Trains to get to a market. It was very fun to bargain for some awesome souvenirs. Some people would grab you and say you need should buy this thing and stuff. It was kinda scary but we’re still alive. After getting lots of presents we went back to our Hotel. For tea we went to a restaurant and had all kinds of Chinese food. After tea we went for a walk where we saw people asking you to buy lasers and stuff. On our way back we saw a group of people who were dancing. We then decided to join in. We were having the time of our lives! When we finished we thanked them for the fun time and went back to our hotel to go to bed.

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