Day 1

Day 1
Today was our first on china (shanghai)
The flight was alright there was a bit of turbulence and the plane food was well plane food average at best. One we landed all we wanted was bed but no we still had to get our luggage then we had to get on a bus to our hotel. The man on the bus that was touring us name was Mike he even sang to us he song an English song and a Chinese song he was surprisingly good but the microphone that he was using was fuzzy. The hotel that we are staying at is called the park hotel it’s great we all got an alright sleep we were awoken by miss kirk at our door with her phone out I dodged it but Bailey and Matt not so lucky. We then had breakfast and were off to the pearl tower there were people cleaning it from the outside. After that we went into the museum under the tower. We then went onwards to have a dumpling lunch and after that we went bargaining at the market but by the end they got all annoying and started to grab us and wouldn’t let you leave then we came back to the hotel on the train we had to push our way off then we walked back and we are getting ready to go out to tea. See you tomorrow

Day 1

Here are some photos of the kids first ride in the subway, the Pearl Tower, eating dumplings and walking the city of Shanghai at night.









Day 1 in Shanghai

Today was our first full day in Shanghai and it was sensational. This morning after breakfast we caught the subway 2 stops to the Pearl Tower. It is a spectacular building. I am not very good with heights so I put on a brave face and went up to the top floor. I am so glad I did because the view was unforgettable. Shanghai is the most beautiful city I have seen so far in my travels. After we spent some time taking selfies up on the top floor we went down a level to the glass floor. I watched the kids lay down on their stomachs staring down over 150 stories to the ground beneath. They were so courageous! I stood back on the decking until Lewis called me a sook so of coarse I had to show him, and I went out on the glass. It was terrifying. We had dumplings for lunch and they were delicious. There were some interesting chopstick techniques being used at lunch! We had a lot of fun at the markets bargaining with the Chinese. I got ripped off when I was buying some chopsticks. It won’t be happening again, I have a few bartering techniques I plan to whip out! On the way home, the subway was packed. We were pushed onto the train and we were pushed onto the opposite door we needed to be at. During the ride I moved the kids in a position in front of me and when the train stopped and the doors opened all I could do was push them because no one was moving out of their way. Hope was first to be free and then the boys. I finally pushed my way to the door and literally dived out as the doors were closing. We went to a Canton restaurant for tea and ordered a lot of Chinese food to share. My 10 epi pens and I sat and watched as the meals came out all looking suspiciously satay like. After Juncai was assured by the waiter it was ‘no problem’ we dug in. Matt can really eat and is willing to try anything and everything. Tomorrow I shall find him some cockroaches. I found some chilli sauce on a tray and put it on my rice, offered if to Lewis and couldn’t stop laughing at his face. Apparently he isn’t a fan of spice! Walking through Shanghai tonight was divine! The clean streets that are lit up with stunning light shows are exquisite! The shop windows are full of mannequins that are dressed in the most astonishing fashion. Anyway, I must go now as there are 3 Chinese men in our room. Erin and I are pointing the finger at each other as the safe mysteriously won’t open. (The incorrect pin was put in too many times).


I’m very excited to be going on a plane to CHINA! The plane was HUGE! When we were travelling I thought the plane ride should be over by now so I checked to see how long their was left and I thought wrong because their was still 7 hours left! When we arrived we went straight onto a tour bus with a guide person and he showed us amazing buildings and he even sang 3 songs and one of them was Australian. Once we arrived at the hotel their was a lot of smiling faces because their was a spinning door that they have for the entrances at the front of buildings.
We went inside the hotel and FINALLY we saw our rooms for the first time. I think I’m going to stay here forever.

Day 1 in Snaghai

In the morning we got up early and went down stairs to have breakfast. I had fruit, sushi and bread. Then we walked towards the subway and we got on a train. We stopped in front of the Pearl tower and we went to the top. The view was amazing. We then went down to a lower pearl and the floor was glass. At the bottom of the Pearl tower there was a really big museum. At lunch time we had delicious dumplings and fried rice. The schools then separated and started to go through the market. It was fun because you could bargain am get stuff for cheaper. I was suppose to pay 125¥ but I bargained and got it for 30¥. I have got lot of presents. We had to go on the train home during peak hour and it was really busy. We got pushed into the train and getting of Miss Kirk had to dive of it to get off in time. Once we made it home everyone went to their rooms. We are going out for dinner and then we are getting taken out at night.

Rise and shine!!!

Surely you didn’t think there would be time for a sleep in boys. At 6:30am Suzhou time Mrs Salm stumbled around our hotel room looking for a towel and had to use a dressing gown to dry herself after a cold shower! Haha. Umm Mrs Salm the towels are hanging behind the door in the bathroom!! Hope was already up waiting for me at the door. I had to stand knocking on the boys rooms for probably 5 minutes. I was most impressed standing there with no make-up on in my pyjamas knocking on two doors like a crazy person when a bunch on locals walked past.



We have arrived!

We had an unforgettable flight to Shanghai. From departing Melbourne the sky was clear, with speckles of cloud here and there, we could see the land and ocean clearly for most of the trip (until reaching China). After sleeping for the first 50 minutes to catch up on sleep lost from the early start, we watched outside our windows as we crossed the land. For 2 hours, as we flew through the Northern Territory, we saw red and yellow earth and dried river beds that made beautiful patterns across the land. We even flew over Uluru but we couldn’t see the famous landmark. At one point the land changed colour from red to brown and green, and small towns began to pop up close to water sources. Watching down below as the land met the sea, we waved out the window and officially said goodbye to Australia. Everyone was getting restless and tired towards the end of the flight. Hope asked if we were nearly there after 2 hours. When we saw all the bright lights of Shanghai from above the atmosphere was ecstatic. As we exited customs Mr and Mrs Odgers were waiting for us! On the way to the hotel our tour guide Mike sung us a song in english, he is very funny!
We drove from the airport to our hotel and saw hotels and skyscrapers with changing coloured neon lights and everything looks absolutely amazing and we can’t wait to explore tomorrow. Goodnight bloggers.


International Departure

We are sitting at gate 7 with our boarding passes and passports. Bailey is nervous and his hands are shaking. Hope keeps repeating, “I’m not nervous, I’ve never been nervous.” But we can tell she is a little bit nervous. Fabian has pointed out every peanut, peanut chocolate and anything remotely peanut related at the airport. We can’t wait to get to China. You can feel everyone’s excitement.


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