1 week to go!- Lachlan Arscott

1 Week to go

One week to go, so excited to be the first group to visit the great wall. Can’t wait to spend the three days at Jinji Lakes School, and hand out the chocolates to all the students. I have finished packing and I’m very excited to to get on the bus to Melbourne.

  • Lachlan Arscott

1 week to go! – Chilli Schroeter

1 week to go!

I cannot believe that it is only one week until we go, I have been waiting for what feels like forever. I am so excited that we are the first group to see the Great Wall of China. I am also very excited to see Pearl Tower and my Chinese exchange student Lisa who we hosted last year. I am starting to pack my bags, but we still have a long way to go. I cannot wait to see what the Chinese students think of our gifts. I would like to bur some Nike’s and presents for my friends and families. I will miss everyone back home but I know that I will have a fantastic time.

  • Chilli Schroeter

Can’t Wait, 1 Week To Go!- Aleksia Franklin

Can’t Wait, 1 Week To Go!

Oh, holy cow 1 week to go and I’m not even packed!

Me, I’m excited because you know that it’s going to be sensational.

I would like to buy more stuff for my friends more than myself because I care more for everybody else but along that I would like to buy myself a pair of cat ears and a silk robe.

I am most excited to walk on pearl tower because I like challenges and daring heights as well as staying two nights with my exchange student Cherry, and her family.

  • Aleksia Franklin

Final Pre-Departure Day!

On Wednesday, the 9th of May, the Team China students attended their final pre-departure day at Golden Square Primary School.

In the firsts activity, the students learnt the tricks of the trade of how to wash their Team China polo shirts in the hotel sinks! They were shown how to lay the shirt flat on a towel after washing it, and roll it up while squeezing to ensure all the excess liquid is removed. The students also learnt some great packing tips.

In the second activity, the students worked with Chen Yimin (travelling Chinese teacher) working through some scenarios and small group activities relating to bartering and bargaining in a respectful way. The students had fun trying to get the best price possible on items.

In the final activity, students learnt about safety over in China relating to crossing the busy roads, catching trains,what to expect at the airports and so on.

To finish the day, all the students got together in their beautiful bright blue shirts for a photo for the Bendigo Advertiser. We will definitely stand out in those blue shirts in China, that’s for sure!


13 days to go!!

Welcome to the 2018 Team China crew!

Introducing the fantasic students who make up the Team China group for 2018.

Meet Georgia, Ryan, Lachie, Chilli and Aleksia.

They are all super excited for the trip, which is fast approaching.

The countdown has begun! Only 16 days until we will be embarking on the adventure of a lifetime.

Follow our blog to hear all about our adventures in China.

-Miss Van.



Day 8

We left our luxurious hotel this morning and headed to Tongli, an ancient town. Here we saw a traditional house and the White Hills kids all bought a giant oyster to get the pearls inside. Cody’s pearls were huge and he had them made into a bracelet. The oysters cost 50 yuan each($10) and it cost him another 50 to have it made into the bracelet. We went on a gondola ride and viewed working cormorants catching fish, fascinating stuff. We purchased a few more ‘bargains’ in the shops in Tongali before heading back to Shanghai where we will see the ERA Circus
We then enjoyed a yummy lunch again!





Saying Goodbye To Jinji Lake!-Jayda

Today all of White Hills went to our sister school, Jinji Lake for the last time this year. We had 2 different classes our first class was calligraphy where we had to use ink and a brush and draw Chinese characters on a piece of paper, we all done awesome but I think by far Mr Schaeche was the best! Then we all went to the library where our bags were to have a 5 minute brake, then we went to another class which was English and of course we were all good at that! We had to talk about different holidays we have in Australia such as Easter and Christmas we then learnt about the different festivals in China and learnt when the Chinese students birthdays were. At the end of the class the students gave us all gifts I received a fan, pop up card, Chinese lollies and lots of different types of dumplings which tasted amazing! After we had lunch the principal, some students of Jinji Lake, our exchange students and all the WHPS kids and Mr Schaeche all went into the meeting room to say our goodbyes and Cody had to get up and say a few words to say thank you for having us over the 2 days. They all gave us many gifts and we gave them ours and said goodbye to everyone then Cameron, Jakob and I all said goodbye to Elaine, Suri and Matthew which we were all sad to say goodbye to them again. Overall staying at Jinji Lake for 2 days was amazing and we hope to see them all again sometime soon!

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